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3 Reasons to Visit a Lactation Expert if You Are Breastfeeding

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Parenthood is one of the joys of adulthood, with many women relishing the opportunity to breastfeed their young ones. Increasingly, breastfeeding support is gaining currency in different parts of the world, with evidence-based approaches being preferred. Notably, lactation consultants occupy a central role in baby health since they provide proven advice on the best ways to breastfeed. Unfortunately, most parents are unaware of the importance of lactation experts. Here are a few reasons why breastfeeding mothers should visit a lactation consultant.

Doubts and Frustrations  

Most first-time mothers experience doubts regarding the best breastfeeding technique. Besides, some mothers might experience frustrations during breastfeeding sessions, especially if they are not feeding correctly. If left unchecked, the frustration might lead to health issues, with mental illness being a significant risk for new mothers. Therefore, mothers are advised to engage a lactation consultant to learn how best to breastfeed their young ones. Besides, mums only need reassurance from an expert, which eliminates the frustration and anxiety associated with the practice, especially for first-time mothers.

Health Concerns

Breastfeeding is a critical activity designed to boost a child's immune system and their overall health. While a mother might be experienced in breastfeeding, it is always advisable to seek the services of a lactation consultant for the best results. Notably, lactation experts can identify if a child's health is compromised due to poor breastfeeding practices, which might not necessarily be evident to an untrained eye. If this is the case, a lactation consultant will develop a mitigation plan or refer a child for further medical care. Therefore, mothers should not assume the services of a lactation consultant despite having breastfeeding experience. Moreover, lactation consultants continuously improve their skills, which might benefit mothers since knowledge is dynamic, with new techniques being developed continually.

Unique Case

For parents blessed with twins or triplets, visiting a lactation consultant is crucial to ensuring the healthy development of the babies. While any baby's birth is usually received with great joy, the blessing might affect the health of babies and mothers involved in multiple deliveries. Therefore, the concerned parents must seek professional services to develop a feeding plan that will not compromise the health of a mother and her babies. Moreover, some children are born with congenital disabilities that undermine feeding, with a cleft palate or Down Syndrome being apt examples. In such cases, lactation experts can train parents on how best to feed their young ones.

For more information, reach out to a local breastfeeding consultant.