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4 signs that your ageing parents might require home help

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Ageing is an inevitable part of living. Some of the benefits of getting old include having free time to do as you please and enjoying time with the grandchildren, but of course it can be worrying to lose your strength, your flexibility of mind and sometimes your ability to do simple things. If you have older parents who don't live with you, you should look out for some signs that could mean they'd benefit from help in the home.

Weight loss. Of course, weight can fluctuate a little, but if you notice some significant weight loss in your parents, this could point to difficulty getting to the shops or preparing and cooking their food. In this instance, there are home help services that can assist with food shopping, or even with delivering hot cooked meals at certain times of the day.

Decline in personal hygiene. If you notice that your parents' hair looks unwashed, that their nails are dirty and unkempt or that they smell of urine, this can point to them having problems with personal care due to lack of mobility or forgetfulness. For example, for some elderly people it can be challenging to wash their own hair, which requires the arms to be brought up high to the head. Some help in the home with personal care would allow them to improve their hygiene and live with greater dignity.

Decline in home standards. You might also look out for dishes that pile up in the sink, laundry that doesn't get washed and carpets that don't get cleaned. It is most likely that your parent is not choosing to neglect these things, but they might have a level of tiredness that prevents them from completing physical tasks and doing very many activities within a day. In this scenario, the solution may be as simple as a regular paid cleaner, and a home help may not be necessary.

Poor decision making. As elderly people become more forgetful, they can sometimes make decisions that put themselves and other people in danger. If, for example, your parent is developing a habit of leaving the stove on when boiling water or heating something up, this could potentially lead to a very damaging fire. In this instance, help in the home is highly recommended in order to prevent dangerous accidents from happening.  

By assessing these criteria and providing help where possible, your ageing parents will be able to live healthier, happier and more dignified lives in their old age. Speak with a representative at companies like Simply Helping to learn more.